Ian J Kathaway -Serial Entrepreneur /Consultant, Georgia, United States

I have gotten to know Josephine over the last couple of years. She is a true professional and one of the most connected people you will ever meet! I highly suggest you get to know her and see how you can collaborate with her! Let her way guide you as she has for many.

James Lee -Global Capital Markets Director
Josephine and her team are fantastic mentors to me. I’ve learnt a lot from her. She is an inspiration, motivational and always give us first class support.

Darryl Dodunski – CEO/Director 

Such a pleasure to have Josephine provide me, and all of her team with a success story you can only interpret as being graceful dedication in every aspect of her professional career.

The encouragement to do your best with an educated eye and uphold all levels of mannerism toward every aspect of business, Josephine strives and with great success has proven she has what’s it takes to produce outstanding results in all of her specialist fields. Personally, Josephine has been at my side to strengthen my weakness and enhance my own abilities for my business growth over the last few years, and I hope to further my advantages into the market with Josephine as the mentor and business operations provider,.

Josephine is honest and trustworthy and comes with an unconditional attitude of leadership and proactive involvement to reward your succession plan.




- J. Harvey, CEO/Business Owner, GA,United States

I am delighted to provide this testimonial for Josephine, my coach for the past year. Her expertise in continuous improvement has been instrumental in the tremendous growth my business experienced. Josephine’s balanced approach, constructive feedback, and unwavering accountability brought about a threefold increase in our company’s success. Her guidance and support have been invaluable, and I highly recommend her to any business owner seeking professional coaching. Working with Josephine has been transformative, and I am immensely grateful for the impact she has had on my business. I look forward to continuing our partnership as we strive for even greater achievements. 

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