The Powerhouse Group Collective

Leaders in  Growth Coaching, & Continuous Improvement Development 

At Powerhouse Group Collective , We believe in the extraordinary potential of  people, lifes opportunities, enabling transformation and success through knowledge, connection and coaching. 

We work with people & organizations looking to level-up their leadership, mindset & change-readiness. 

We help people advance faster, overcome limiting beliefs & create the life they deserve.

Our approach to our services and work is a co-created process. 

 Let’s work together with you, focusing on the goals created by you, co-creating an agenda that supports what is most important to you & which is designed by you. This will lead to you finally enjoying the most fulfilling outcomes possible.

"I started the Powerhouse Group Collective to help and facilitate others through personal growth, discovery, change & success, supporting people through this change & growth enabling the journey." Josephine Kinsella Founder & Coach

Personally Are you to your full potential? Is your organisation focused and effective? Are you receiving the right advisory, training, coaching and development?

coaching, training & development can help build your confidence and more

  • Increase your confidence and self-belief
  • Create a vision for a life you will love
  • Understand your unique values and strengths
  • Overcome your self-limiting beliefs
  • Improve your relationships
  • Manage stress more effectively and develop a greater sense of inner calm
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Understand the importance of self-care and prioritising time for yourself
  • Create a healthy relationship with money
  • Discover new  interests 

Success is within your reach whether you are an individual or a business. It’s important to constantly monitor your overall performance and wellbeing. 

Are you looking for extra guidance in order to earn more, or implementing a new strategy or thinking?

Know that there is a sounding board ready to offer support whenever needed. By engaging in growth and development training, you can refine your skills and develop a vision that aligns with your aspirations.

  • Enable better decisions which align with your goals 

  • Embrace your unique strengths and communicate your message authentically.
  • Overcome any self-limiting beliefs as you establish a positive mindset about making decisions.
  • Network in a way that makes you feel comfortable and find greater balance in life. All of these skills are waiting for you to achieve your ultimate success

Caring about you and your personal growth.

Growth training, mentoring & coaching tailored for you.

 As coaches we can facilitate tailored workshops & personal programs with supporting tools to grow . We support you, so you can find a better way, enabling and empower actions and gain the freedom in decisions you deserve .

For individual mindset coaching, career coaching, online business coaching or peer mentoring we can support you through change and growth.  Virtually & In Person. One to one or in group sessions.

Tailored coaching and training programs to suit individuals and businesses.  Whether is mindset and empowerment coach, accountability coaching,  or business coaching we work with you on continuous improvement strategies and actions that align with your goals.

  • Is your vision to grow ?
  • Are you consistently achieving your goals or are they proving challenging and you need another lense?


Mindset, Capability Building, Coaching & Performance Programs & Workshops that Content that not only empowers AND inspires you, but gives you the clear steps needed to put the insights you learn into immediate action.

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