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You are extraordinary! As business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals, you boast endless potential. We are here to help you achieve success through knowledge, connection, support, building awareness, discovery, and investment.


Empower Yourself or Your Team 


Virtual and in-house workshops, 1:1 coaching, online growth, and mindset courses tailored to your needs


Your growth and well-being are our priority. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to empowering you through leadership training, executive coaching, and mindset development. We offer both face-to-face workshops and online training, which are available globally. If you’re looking for conference speakers or MCs for events, we can provide that too! Our passion for success drives everything we do, and we’re excited to share our business advisory and training solutions with you.


To help you on your journey, we’ll tackle your vision and provide clarity to unlock your potential for growth. We’ll work together to identify obstacles in your way and find unique solutions tailored to your needs. “It takes a village to raise a child,” and we believe that no individual should grow alone. Our Mindshop coaching & advisory support platform suite provides access to a community of like-minded individuals who can help you achieve your goals. We are here for you every step of the way!

MEET our Founder & CEO/Coach

Josephine Kinsella MBA/Cert Mindshop Coach International Presenter/Conference Speaker /Former Corporate C Suite Exec & Director / Mindset, Self Leadership & Transformation Coach/
Founder Powerhouse Group Collective (Australia) & Powerhouse Group LLC (United States) Director - Eastwind Textiles - Bamboo Linen Manufacturing and distribution (www.eastwindtextiles.com.au)

Over 20 years experience in corporate training, growth coaching & mentoring people for success. Entrepreneur, Accredited Mindshop Coach, a Jay Shetty Mindset & Transformation Coach -passionate about people from their well being and mindset to their growth. 

Josephine is a Mother of 2 teenagers having raised them solo & entrepreneur who brings a combination of her vast corporate and life experience through success, failures and challenges through both career, business and personal.  As a former Corporate CEO/COO/CXO and balancing life she will bring you a new depth of coaching and development.

An experienced business mentor, Self Leadership & Transformation coach, international presenter and MC & Conference Speaker.

Training Mentoring and Coaching is about offering you the support you most need. Josephine will help you find a greater sense of clarity about your direction as well as the confidence to start moving forward. Clients begin with a single session and many find it helpful to book a multi session coaching program but Josephine  is happy to keep it flexible. Organisations bring in Josephine to train for results.

Josephine can also provided support  with 

  • Mindshop Advisory, Accountability & Executive Coaching
  • Personal & Life coaching as an accredited Jay Shetty Mindset & Transformation Coach
  • Independent Advisory Board Member services

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