Mindshop Digital Success Platform

Mindshop Online – Learning & Coaching Reimagined

Are you too busy for traditional learning and coaching approaches? Need a solution more tailored and agile to suit your specific needs? Take advantage of our ability to deliver you the advisory support when and where you need it through the Mindshop Online Learning and Coaching platform.
By harnessing the power of Mindshop Online learning to achieve your growth, profit and leadership goals we can deliver many benefits from one platform:
  1. Convenient 24/7 access to tailored learning and coaching
  2. Very tailored solutions, specific to your needs and goals
  3. Access to hundreds of business tools and processes
  4. A wealth of online training courses to suit your professional development needs
  5. Ability to pin-point areas for improvement with business, leadership and change diagnostics
  6. Peer collaboration opportunities to gain problem solving support from around the world
  7. Coaching technology to capture unlimited actions, strategies, goals confidentially with us as your advisor. It’s here where we can collaborate on solutions 24/7.
Globally Mindshop education and support to tens of thousands of business advisors and leaders around the world. As Mindshop advisors we have the exclusive ability to use the Mindshop Online platform with our clients to support their professional development and coaching needs.

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A level of support flexible enough to suit you.

We can tailor a level of support through Mindshop Online that fits ‘hand in glove’ with your professional development and coaching needs from a choice of three tiers.


Learn foundational problem-solving capabilities, pinpoint areas for improvement by completing and reviewing online diagnostic tools with access to 5 tools and the problem-solving course.


Accelerate your professional development or that of your team, with access to 30+ tools and 8 online courses. Ideal to develop ‘rising stars’ in a flexible leadership development program.
Courses available include:

  1. Problem Solving Skills
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Change Success
  5. Growth Strategy
  6. Coaching & Developing People
  7. Profit Improvement
  8. Time Management


Access 150+ tools and 14+ online course available on Mindshop Online plus interact online confidentially with your allocated coach. Here you can harness the power of capturing actions, strategies, goals and be guided to all the available online resources. Ideal for a senior leader wanting leadership support to build advanced skills. Courses available at this tier include:

  1. Problem Solving Skills
  2. Change Success
  3. Coaching / Developing People
  4. Facilitation Skills
  5. Growth Strategy
  6. Leadership Development
  7. Personal Growth
  8. Personal Resilience
  9. Pivot/Adapt
  10. Profit Improvement
  11. Project Team Implementation
  12. Self Confidence
  13. Strategic Planning
  14. Time Management

Contact us about how we can help you address challenges, learn new skills and support your continued success with the powerful combination of Mindshop Online and our experienced advisory support.