Independent Advisory Board

have you considered AN independent ADVISORY BOARD FOR YOUR BUSINESS?

As business advisory board members we can assist with tools and knowledge  to help you make sound decisions and reach your goals. Our experience at executive and board level will support you through those growth periods and challenging decision making times.

There is not one size fits all answer when making this decision!  Every organization should consider their needs- An Independent advisory board member or Independent Director can help your business grow and thrive. Having an external perspective to contribute and support can be invaluable, especially if your business is experiencing growth, restructuring or preparing for sale. 

We do not replace you legal advisor or accountant but provide the business sounding board to support and ask the right questions as you work on your business.

Consider the practical needs of the business and leadership.

Business Transformation & Continuous Improvement

Thing to consider:

  1. • Business is experiencing growth or stagnation.
    • Others provide advice.
    • Challenges arise during decision-making.
    • Strategic approach taken to every aspect of business.
    • Clear understanding of succession planning.
    • Small business seeks external support and advice.
    • Preparing business for sale.

familiar challenges? We see these as opportunities to show you a new way


  • Inexperience in scaling, team building, pricing, and maximising profit
  • Inadequate compliance, risk management and flexibility
  • Unfamiliar with the latest modelling and trends
  • Uncertain and unclear about the long-term strategy
  • Needing an experienced sounding board to reflect
  • Struggling to focus on a continuous improvement approach
  • Challenging business decisions 
  • fear of failing
  • Missing out on market share & opportunities
  • Challenging business decisions 
  • fear of failing
  • Missing out on market share & opportunities

An Independent Advisor or Advisory Board solves the inaccessibility of expertise and provides personalised solutions for business owners.

Noncompetitive support and experience in a cohesive and confidential environment.