Strategic Planning

international business coach & trainer


We know business, understand business AT EVERY LEVEL, and know how to work with YOUR business.

Planning and Strategy are your first steps to setting yourself up for success. We specialise in facilitating planning workshops and more.

“A good business coach will help you develop a team that can run your business effectively with or without you.”

Over the last 10 years, and even more since Covid,running a business has become increasingly difficult. Small to medium businesses now have to contend with complexity previously reserved for corporate organisations. Growing a business in a truly competitive and diverse  marketplace where not only other businesses, but technology also threatens to disrupt the traditional operations of even the most basic business globally.

Powerhouse Group Collectives founding director & International Business Coach Josephine Kinsella provides business mentoring and business coaching, the know how to navigate these waters and utilise technological growth to develop and enhance your business potential.

Strategic Planning, Training and developing your leadership teams and employees in this area, working along you holistically to support and facilitate planning sessions, reviews and monitor accountability.

Our strategic sessions can start with facilitating 1 to 2 days planning workshop sessions at your choice of location.  We can tailor the proposal to you. Whether you work solely with Josephine or we look to add from the network of advisors specific to your challenge.  Available United States, Australia, New Zealand.

Quarterly review and reset workshops either face to to face or online. 


We recommend a monthly check-in program in addition. Working one on one with your Business Mentoring Coach can make the difference in pushing through the plans to actions and results with imapact.


Your business will have access to a global network of consultants who have considerable experience across the many facets of commercial affairs; From strategy to financial performance, emotional intelligence to recruitment.