Powerhouse Group & Advisory Network Growth Hub

As a business owner or manager, you understand the importance of innovative thinking and practical business tools to optimise performance in this fast-paced world. With Powerhouse Group’s Growth Hubs we ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest innovative ideas.

Five reasons to get involved
  1. Avoid wasting time at ‘talk-fest’, ‘no action’ workshops
  2. Discover new tools and processes to use in your businesses
  3. Hear from experienced facilitators who aren’t there to push a barrow
  4. Learn what’s working and what’s not from like-minded business people
  5. Be exposed to the latest trends in high performing businesses
What’s involved
  1. Quarterly ½ day practical workshops (online or face to face)
  2. Peer group collaboration
  3. Workshops delivered by experienced facilitators
  4. Practical tools and methodologies to embed in your business
  5. Powered by Mindshop (global training / consulting network)
  6. Shape your strategies and plans for the year ahead

We cover your ‘must know’ business development topics

Leadership | Continuous Improvement | Innovation | Implementation | Time Management | Strategic Planning | Marketing | Entrepreneurship | Problem- Solving | Listening Skills | Change Success | Teams | Performance | Sales | Future-Proofing | Profitable Growth | Customer-Centricity | Managing Millennials | Productivity | Management | and much more…

If you are also providing ongoing coaching and training via Mindshop Online, reference or link to the other elements of your support offering here, noting that you provide a blended learning program to ensure learning is on-demand and highly commercial.
Cover a clear call to action to contact you if interested to progress further. You may also feature a video demonstrating a tool you would deliver or providing an overview of the growth hubs.

Capability Building, Coaching & Performance Programs & Workshops

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