Our why

It’s all about the why. Ours and yours.

Powerhouse Group  to make sure that businesses and the people in them become the BEST they can be. It’s not necessarily about just being ‘better’, it’s about being the BEST!

Most businesses know what they do and how they do it but only a select few can clearly articulate why they do what they do – their purpose, cause or belief. When most businesses and people think, act or communicate they do so from the outside in; from what to why. We believe that there’s a better approach. We believe you should start with the why.


Our ‘why’ is to have a positive influence on hundreds of small to medium businesses and the people in them. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

What about you? What gets you going? What are you passionate about? Have you thought about why your business exists? Are you motivated to keep going and keep improving? Or do you feel like you’ve hit a wall and need to find your spark again? Is the business in need of reinvention to remain relevant in today’s busy world?
We help business owners become very clear on the ‘why’ so that we can help them achieve their goals, dreams and desires. We help reignite the spark.


Lack of strategy is rarely the cause of failure; lack of implementation is. Our difference is that we stick around to make sure that the right things are done in your business so that you have the BEST chance of success. We help you make it happen.
If you are looking to grow and improve your business, yourself, your team; please contact us today to find the BEST way for you.
View this latest video by Simon Simek around “why”

How we can help you